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Veronika’s 30th Birthday | Surrey & London event photographer

When Veronika first asked me to photograph her 30th Birthday party I was thrilled but when I saw what the venue was going to be I got really excited!  THEN she said it was going to be a Tudor theme and everyone was going to get dressed up, well that just put the icing on the cake (she is an amazing baker btw!) The photography was a gift from her sister in-law Antoinette and some other family members (forgive me for not knowing who!) so I really hope you all like them.

The venue, Great Fosters in Surrey was a hunting Lodge and is absolutely beautiful inside.  I definitely want to come back for high tea in one of the lounges, plush couches next to a roaring fire – a wonderful way to spend a winter’s afternoon.

The rain stayed away so we could do some family photos outside, and before you knew it all the guests began to arrive.

It was a beautiful evening with lovely period music, a jester who threw fire, juggled and entertained the kids with spinning plates which were a huge hit with them.  Then there were the sword fighters to top the evening off before lots of dancing!  Great food, great people, good times!  It truly was a fantastic evening.

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November 6, 2013 - 5:00 pm

Veronika Delicata - Sarah,
Thank you so much for capturing so manny of the lovely memories from my 30th birthday.
I will cherish them forever.
Also a very big thank you to David & Anna and to Matt and Antoinette for getting me such a great birthday present. Thank you so much guys.

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